Sunday, January 10, 2016

Commercials Featuring Tokusatsu Characters

I saw this cute commercial with some kids dressed like Power Rangers/Zyurangers running through the mall and wanted to post some random commercials featuring popular toku characters

Here's a commercial promoting a Hong Kong mall that features Mother of Ultra, who's attacked by a Baltan while shopping:

Here she is in another commercial featuring what I think is supposed to be Pigmon. I wasn't even sure what the commercial was promoting at first. The car? McDonald's? Looks like it was for the Ultraheroes Acrobattle Live Show:

Also, the monster attacking her is Eleking but his initial appearance is based on a figure by the toy company Plex as part of the Ultra Monster Personification Project where kaiju from the Ultraman franchise were re-imagined as cute girls. Finally, we have a series of older commercials by Tsuburaya Productions that feature an Ultraman-esque female superhero promoting vacuum cleaners apparently: