Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Terminator in WWE 2K16!

I'm a huge fan of wrestling games with ridiculous characters, stories, and/or abilities, such as WWF Wrestlemania by Midway. The game featured digitized sprites, popularized by Mortal Kombat, and was more of a fighting game than an actual wrestling game. Razor Ramon had arms that turned into actual razor blades, Doink the Clown pulled a giant mallet out of thin air like a Looney Tunes character, and The Undertaker would hit people over the head with tombstones. Wrestlers would also "bleed" objects that represented their characters like hams and fish would come flying out of Yokozuna or dumbbells from Lex Luger.

WCW/nWo Thunder on the PlayStation would be an otherwise forgettable game if not for the absurd 98 hidden characters you could unlock. Some of which were developers and crew members but also featured were ridiculous characters like a giant starfish, praying mantis, and a gorilla. If I remember correctly, there were also four different versions of Hulk Hogan that you could pit in a 4-way match against each other.

WWF Betrayal

WWF/E has had their fair share of unique games from WWF Betrayal on the Gameboy Color, a side-scrolling beat 'em up in the vein of Double Dragon, to WWE Crush Hour, a destruction derby-style game with weapons like Twisted Metal. There was even that app game, WWE Immortals, a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios (the new developers of Mortal Kombat games). But perhaps the most exciting addition to the WWE Universe is the Terminator.

Ever since Triple H's entrance at Wrestlemania 31, I've been hoping something like this would happen. All we need now is for RoboCop to back up Sting (again!) and we've got ourselves a tag team rematch from Wrestlemania 31!

As a bonus, here's nearly every Terminator to ever appear on screen!