Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Global Force Wrestling Partnering Up!

Jeff Jarrett officially announced back in April that he was launching a new wrestling promotion. Tryouts are currently being held and Jarrett seems excited about the talent pool he'll be drawing from. Global Force Wrestling is slated to compete directly with the WWE, I think GFW will be a great alternative brand to the WWE because they're already partnering up with other wrestling promotions around the world.

GFW recently announced a partnership with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, the "top promotion in the Eastern Hemisphere."

In addition to the existing partnership GFW already has with top Mexican promotion, AAA

Partnerships with NJPW and AAA means we'll be seeing a lot of international talent, as well as some great talent from the indie scene. This is extremely important when building a brand that is supposed to rival a corporate giant like the WWE.

WWE lacks a good variety of international talent. People want to see something fresh when they tune in, something they've never seen before. There were rumors that the WWE was in the process of signing 3 top international talents in Kenta Kobayashi (NOAH), Prince Devitt (NJPW), and Kevin Steen (ROH).

Prince Devitt in Carnage body paint

Jarrett reportedly attempted to purchase TNA Wrestling, a promotion that he also founded, with Toby Keith back in December 2013. Talks dwindled before rumors of Jarrett starting his own promotion began circulating. Although TNA seems to love hiring ex-WWE talent, they're also guilty of releasing great talent that they don't know what to do with. After the most interesting title run that we've seen in recent history, TNA decided not to re-sign AJ Styles. Also, neither Christopher Daniels nor Kazarian had their contracts renewed with TNA and even appeared together at the recent Ring of Honor PPV, Best in the World.

Despite being the top promotion, the WWE has been facing financial problems and recently released a handful of their talent. Among them were JTG, Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre, Yoshi Tatsu, and Brodus Clay. While this doesn't exactly spell trouble for the WWE, Global Force Wrestling does seem to have a deepening pool of talent to select from.