Saturday, November 23, 2013

AJ Styles vs. Lionheart update!

Looks like the match has been set for Dec. 6 between AJ Styles and Lionheart at Preston City Wrestling, an indy promotion based in the UK. I think it'll be interesting to see AJ Styles defend his title against another Champion. Not to take anything away from the wrestlers that he's faced already, but he should've been facing top guys if he's going to jump from one promotion to the next. I think it would be really interesting if he was collecting title belts from different promotions too. He could come out looking like Ultimo Dragon did back in the day.
Like a total bad ass

In other news, it seems Vader will be at the event as well. Looks like he'll be wrestling in addition to signing autographs. The last time I saw Vader on TV, he was way out of shape and I assumed he had retired. I would like to see this event!