Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Warrior's Dream - Donnie Yen vs. Bruce Lee

This was a totally sweet short that I happened across while browsing the net. A lot of the information about this video is in Chinese and I can't read most of it, so feel free to leave comments if anyone can shed some light on the people the who made it. As for the video itself, I thought it was a totally awesome tribute to both stars and did a really fantastic job of mimicking their movements. I thought the end was pretty touching as well. Highly recommended for fans of Donnie Yen, Bruce Lee, and/or martial arts films!

Here are the credits from the description section:

導演:李晉 directed by li jin
編劇:李晉 screenplay by Li Jin
分鏡:李晉 storyboard artist Li Jin
美術設計:李晉 art director Li Jin
三維動畫:李晉 3d animator Li Jin
後期合成:李晉 visual effects by Li Jin
剪輯:李晉 editing by Li Jin
原創音樂:袁思翰 music by Li Jin
音效:張嶽 sound mixer Zhang Yue
配音導演:谷放冰 dubbing director Gu Fangbing
配音演員:路之行 voice acting Lu Zhixing
出品人:蘇志武 presented by Su Zhiwu
製片人:廖祥忠,黃心淵 produced by Liao Xiangzhong,Huang Xinyuan