Monday, August 13, 2012

DC Movie News Aug 13, 2012

The next project for DC that has already been announced is a Superman reboot simply titled 'Man of Steel'. Director Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) will be at the helm for this one. General Zod is said to be the main villain along with another surviving Kryptonian that has yet to be announced. The story.... is probably exactly what you expect from a Superman reboot. I had the same feeling about the Spider-Man reboot but that turned out pretty well, so I'll wait to see how this one turns out too. There's already a trailer out for it, check it out:

After The Dark Knight trilogy came to a close, the only other project that is openly being worked on is the Man of Steel movie. All other DC properties seem to be in the very early stages of development or are just rumors currently.

The Flash is one movie that they seem interested in putting out next. They apparently have a script but nothing else and, after seeing how Green Lantern bombed, are taking extra precautions with their superheroes. This seems to be the closest to becoming an actual release but is still far from actually being filmed or even confirmed as a project. The writer has confirmed that this is very high on DC's list of movies that they're interested in.

On that note, they are also considering Green Lantern 2 as a possible sequel. With the first one not doing as well as they had hoped, they're interested in going with a different director and possibly a new creative team for a sequel that is supposed to be 'edgier' than the first. I'm sure audiences will be skeptical about a sequel unless they completely re-vamp the character and go with an all-new creative team. This one is pretty much just a rumor and hasn't taken any real steps towards actually being filmed.

Another project that is just in "talks" at the moment is a possible Teen Titans movie. This project was actually announced YEARS ago but has been in development hell ever since. The idea was originally to use the Nightwing character as opposed to Robin, so they can go for a darker tone in the movie. This obviously would not follow any canon that the comics or TV shows have laid down already. Also, it wouldn't even make much sense as this team is supposed to consist of teenage heroes and sidekicks that have come together to form a team of their own. Robin doesn't adopt the Nightwing persona until he's much older. Also, I'm sure fans of the wildly popular Teen Titans series on Cartoon Network will be disappointed in this kind of re-telling of the story. (I was also a HUGE fan of that show!)

And, of course, the overall idea is to eventually move towards a Justice League movie. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz that Ben Affleck has been approached to direct after Christopher Nolan declined the position. Affleck is also reported to not be interested in the position but is meeting with Warner Bros. execs to discuss further. There are also rumors that, unlike Marvel, they might release a Justice League movie first and then have individual spinoff films that spotlight each character. I wouldn't disagree with this move as DC has never been very good at pushing their heroes other than Batman or Superman. This would give them a chance to put out a big Justice League movie first and then spotlight the most popular characters from that movie. All of this is speculation though, as nothing official has been announced.

And that, pretty much concludes DC's plans for superhero movies. Much further behind Marvel's schedule, which already has multiple sequels lined up as well as an Avengers sequel planned, DC has a lot of catching up to do.