Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pacific Rim and Godzilla at Comic Con

Comic Con 2012 just passed and, seeing as I wasn't there, I can't really do coverage of the event or anything. Besides, you can get all that news by doing a Google search. I just want to talk about two of the most exciting things that I've heard come out of Comic Con.

First of all, Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever heard of. When I first saw the poster, I had only heard that it was going to have robots. There wasn't too much information on the movie itself. Then I find out that it's actually a Giant Robots vs. Kaiju movie!!!! I also hear that there will be a variety of Kaiju, all completely original and created for this film. (Some will come from the sea, others from the air, and they will have a varying abilities) Apparently these monsters have destroyed most of civilization and mankind's only defense are these giant robots that are piloted by two people at a time. I'm ridiculously excited for this movie and will be keeping a close eye on the development of this film.

Speaking of Kaiju, apparently there was a really short teaser of another Godzilla being made. There wasn't much detail on the development of this one but being a HUGE Godzilla fan since I was a kid, I couldn't help but get excited over this news. I was absolutely disgusted by the horrible 1998 American attempt at making a Godzilla movie... but I doubt they could ever make anything that bad again. *knocks on wood*

With the announcement of both these films, I'm already giddy and looking forward to their release. I feel like a kid who's looking forward to Christmas!!! This is possibly the best news I've heard coming out of Comic Con.