Thursday, June 14, 2012

Totally Awesome Street Fighter Fan Films

Fans of the Street Fighter video game franchise should get a major kick out of these if you haven't already seen them.

First up, we have one filmed on a budget of about $400 and features moves any fan would recognize from the games

Next up, we've got a film that seems like it had a bigger budget although I don't believe an actual dollar amount was ever stated. Another awesome fan film featuring a fight between the two most recognizable characters from the franchise.

Then, we've got a clip from an actual movie starring Jackie Chan spoofing the characters from Street Fighter using sound clips from the game!!! We even get to see Jackie in drag... I'm not sure if that's a good thing...

Finally, we have another short film from Thousand Pounds (the guys that made the first video) with a tribute to the Street Fighter X Tekken crossover.

I posted the first two on my Z-portal page a couple years back, but I felt like they deserved a new post on a blog that was actually about Video Games. Plus, it always fun to revisit this stuff after having not seen it in awhile. Really good stuff, I hope you all enjoyed watching.